Color Perception Test: See How Your Color Skills Stack Up

Do you pride yourself on your ability to recognize color? Maybe you remember the great dress debate of 2015 and are sure that you could ace your peers in knowing the colors of the spectrum. However, color perception is an interesting phenomenon. We all have our way of interpreting what we see.

To photographers and artists, this uniqueness can be a gift and a strength. Perhaps your ability to recognize distinct shades and nuance is what sets you apart and why you gravitate toward a style of dress or craft! Find out how you rate in your ability to recognize the colors of the rainbow, through 10 easy questions!

Try This Color Perception Test

Colour is in the Eye of the Beholder by Lenstore UK

What is Color Perception?


Color perception is how well you can recognize differences in color hue. Though subtle, these color differences tie into merchandising, design, and online marketing. If you’ve read that women do better on color perception tests than men, according to Lenstore UK, you may be right!

If you’re in your 30’s (especially your early 30’s), Lenstore UK suggests that you might have your best score, as that is the most successful age for color perception being at its best and brightest! Unfortunately for those who are over 30 and older adults, our tendency to recognize color differences can decline.

Are you thinking of learning Spanish, French, or Mandarin? Now might be the time as, according to the stats, bilingual people often earn a higher score!

If someone you know insists that they recognize colors better than you or that you might be “color blind,” this is your chance to prove them wrong! Try the color perception challenge and find out, once and for all, if your orange shirt does match the plaid pants you pair it with.

How well did you do? Let us know in the comments.

Regardless of your score, know that most people do not get all of the answers right on color tests. A perfect score will give you some serious bragging rights! Share this article with friends you want to challenge you to the color perception test.

Whether you’re satisfied with your score or want practice trying again, colors aren’t the only challenging nuance to recognize. It can also be challenging to know whether your work is being stolen online.

People come to Berify to catch and stop copyright infringement. You can search your favorite photographs and ask anyone using your images without consent to credit you or remove the picture.

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